See LOVE, Breathe LOVE, Feel LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE………” – Pagan


Pagan George is an Iyengar based Hatha Yoga instructor living in Los Angeles, California. With over twenty years of teaching experience and a deeply vested personal practice, Pagan is a living example of light, grace, and devotion on the spiritual path. Pagan discovered the discipline of Yoga while living in New York City and working as a visual artist. He remembers visiting the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center for the first time and knowing immediately that he had found what he had always been looking for. Soon after, Pagan moved to Los Angeles and immersed himself in Hatha yoga, practicing at the Iyengar Yoga Institute. Senior Iyengar instructor Karin O’Bannan noticed his desire and quickly advanced him through the Iyengar system. Pagan’s teaching is based on the principals of the Iyengar method, yet he brings muchprofoundly transformational experience for his students. His finely attuned understanding of the subtle workings of the physical and energetic bodies allows his students a space to safely explore their boundaries and move beyond their limitations into new depths of their authentic selves. Down to earth and devoted to the upliftment of all beings, Pagan teaches his students how to affect change by being grounded in a body.

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Heed these words you who wish to probe the depths of nature.

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